Realm Rider
Like the wind
when it blows
you cannot see it
but you can feel 
its airy fingers
combing wildly
through your hair,
I did not see
the Rider there
when He first rode
God's merciful breath
into the deep
of my dark heart
but I could feel
the warmth of His fire
when He camped there.

Realm Rider
You changed me
Realm Rider
You set me free
Realm Rider
Your kingdom is near
Realm Rider
in my heart right here.

Like the wind 
when it blows
no one knows
from where it comes
or where it goes
just the sound of it
whispering in your ear,
I could not see
the map of His travels
through this dead land
but I did hear
His holy call
to come ride along
on God's steady steed
to look for hearts
and camp there too.

Realm Rider
now for change use me
Realm Rider
to help set others free
Realm Rider
bring Your kingdom near
Realm Rider
into other's hearts right here.

John 3:8, 1 Cor. 6:9,
Mt. 4:17, Col. 1:13,
2 Peter 1:11

by J. Alan R.

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